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Mate to a werewolf

Chapitre 5 Forced Choice!

Nombre de mots : 2021    |    Mis à jour : 27/01/2021


a half werewolf in addition to being a descendant of the Thorgard as it was all too much for me today 'hui. I guess that the fact that I spent the night reading these same stories an

ng Alexander last night. Part of me hoped to see him come out of his hiding place to come and see me wh

I entered the hou

other's trembling voice see

re you so white? you wou

for a moment

r came here this afternoo

abandoned you when I was a ba

about your real father, he came to tell me that he is comin

rs ear

If you refuse to give it to me on the precise day and hour that I would have given you a few m

of your birth at the exact time you were born. So, Dece

ppen to us, do you forget that I work for the

slightest concern. With a

comes here, We have, my colleagues and I, all th

ll worrie

bath I'm going to take my little walk and go to bed early to

und to see if he was there, nothing. I decided to take off my shoes to sit on one of the big rocks and let my feet soak in the current. There was a perfect rock for that it was shaped like an ol


otherwise I'll do it myself!

and heartless man. Mate is way too sweet for that, everything we love about

without her wolf she won't know

tand what you say to her. she had time to digest our last conve

eting point, if she is there, we have a chance otherwise we will h

am, she forgives me I said to myself. It didn't take more than half a second to find her she was sleeping peacefully on a rock with her feet in t

to know you here! she

r, not sure if she

up, otherwise we won't be able to disc

am I a little c

ora's wolf! Nice

e is not yet 18! I answer her with

od from another world. The Thorgard are much more powerful than the Counts and legend sugges

r told me about i

to call the whole pack here; they'll have to stay quiet for my plan to work. I wi

th this marked fact without knowing what is goi

o lose us. Do not worry about her once marked I could communicate with

YOU HAVE 10 MIN '' '' Beta Sacha find my father please and tell hi

e to protect them from all danger and making their Alpha stronger. She then turned to me, instantly my eyes turned dark black. The contrast between our eyes was even more visible as she moved to my side. She took

father. The moon is full which will

Freya with a

understand why we had to act

al bond has been created. Once taken back a few steps it may be in a state of shock and be aggressive, it wi


onds. Then suddenly I sank my teeth deep and held th

to convulse a

are you okay?


ing a waking dream, I heard my voice sweari

g on why I c

well as the feeling of being burnt alive. I wanted to scream

er inside me. I tried asking who was speaking but no sound came

ceptional strength will disappear the day of your death. You will have to assimilate a lot of things but I will be with you every step of the way. The moment you can open your eyes, I want you to be 100% open, you are going to feel things that you will not be able to understand right away because you were not born in a pack. You are going to have to accept and let go of all the feelings that you will have otherwise they will destroy you over time. You should know that werewolves have predestined soul mates that they only discover when they are mature and that their wolf surface only knows who that person is. He will call you his Mat

, I looked around, there was about fifty people in front of me some in their human fo

eart pounded. Freya was right I al

him, placing a sof

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