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Mate to a werewolf

Chapitre 4 The fathers

Nombre de mots : 2258    |    Mis à jour : 27/01/2021


s I had to hurry to have a chance

e the address I will ask my

say your men? like thos

re my best warrior and patroller. They are among the

answer trying to

you are with me. My men are aware that nothing should happen

oment to a

mean I am pr

ged the question with b

ween us I decided to just continue our

im a look, just to let him know th

UNDERSTAND? I don't want to have any problems, this house re

onfirmed a wolf attack? sho

will be caught ye

I saw Alexander's '' men '', 8 men all or almost looke

accompany us inside! he sa

n allow you to take one of the pillow cases that we took saliva

share with them what I am going to feel and see by mental projection an

Moon it's real


he was taking a panoramic picture of the room, his eyes were dee

ll me what you felt when

do yo

that something paranormal happened h

self was that the place was too quiet for

and describe to me

all the tiny details that most people woul

the room with me but I can see exactly what you have described to me so I can

you find this Alpha or anyone of his pack lock him up in our dungeons, NO WORD TO ANYONE, YOUR MISSION IS SECRET, UNDERSTOOD! '' '' YES, ALPHA do they answer all together '' '' Miss Amadora is very important to our pack you all

of any change in your si

will communicate with me as soon as they have informati

ssible but on the other hand he just told

said to me to get m

what did you

ou and me

ever, I only have 25 minutes left to eat with 20

especially not to me any more I have an idea for y

hungry after all. But you? ar

taking place behind the wheel, I wil

on't you have obligations as an Alpha?? I read a lot ab

our internet has taught

rgard etc. ... but to my surprise he seemed more worri

why has your face sud

And the main reason for my radical change of mood and that I discovered much the same thing

ad of beating around the bush like

deep breat

horgard and probably that your father would be eith

have werewolf blood, I read that women die after childbirth as far as I know my mother is alive. Th

not 100% sure, but

work. A simple study of your blood done by our elders will tell us exactly i

tes of silence I fin


you call m

police station with me this afternoon. I think the best thing for us right now is to distance ourselves. I am a woman of logic and not of fantas

to a Wolf yesterday, I changed right

ycantropia is a disease where people BELIEVE they can turn into a wolf. I don't know how, but I got into your de


er confessed my suspicions on her origin make her change her mind

in too much of a hurry to throw ever

ate the moon goddess knows what she does as soon as she turns 18 h

away from her for 4 months it

, please promise to come and see us as planned by the cr

an't promise you anything

the werewolves and to contact you

m to lock up those responsible if they found them? I

e wolves responsible for the attack? However, I sent my orders by link then how she could have

f is even more powerful than her. We can

only hope we will

utely must come back here now, your fath

the elders in the village and they are

ior he must deliver an important message to you an

I'm here in less

police station without even turning once, sp

as really not in a good mood. You would have tho

e your unexpected visit? I say to

alpha must always stay with his pack except during monthly meet

to settle an important

me off

mans is important! Did you unders

tance of titles in our pack for years, Then Elder what I am going to do in the village concerns us since it is abo

find the direct descendant of Lycaon and the last living descendant of the Thorgards. All the Old

e have suspicions about her real identity

te of all wolves and humans, he said condescendingly, will be death! I can not say more but you never

years old we cannot know what could happen if w

ill do it myself! it's up to you. We have to do a special ceremony and i

and the pack. So, you convince her tonight in a soft or strong way. Don't forget that if y

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