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Mate to a werewolf

Mate to a werewolf



She think she's human he is a werewolf how can he tell her that they are mate, moreover Amadora is not an ordinary girl 17 years old and she has already graduated from police school and already her have the title of investigator. She has only one goal to find the man who assaulted her mother. With Alexander help she will do many investigation bringing them closer to find her biological father he have a lot of secrets is she ready for whatever comes next?

Chapitre 1 First Investigation

Amadora (pov)

6:30 am first day at work, I'm going to have to work harder than everyone else every day. Considering my young age, I am not sure that I will be accepted, it is not every day that someone finishes high school in just 1 year, let alone all the police and investigative training in 4 years. I'm barely 17 and I'm going to have to prove to a lot older and more experienced people that I belong among them. Everything about me was faster, I walked at 7 months old, spoke 3 languages at the age of 6, I ran faster than the others and I was always strong.

Throughout my life I have been the odd one, the strange one. The fact that I was born premature, that my mother swears that she was attacked and raped by a man disguised as a wolf and as if that was not enough already, my hair, it is white, my mother tried the kinds of dyes nothing worked even doctor and dermatologist do not know what to think about it so I learned to live with my head even if I tell you that my mother is annoyed. Due to my physique, I trained, I studied and above all I did a lot of research. I always wanted to know the truth, my father left us when I was born, after doing a DNA test and understood that I was not his biological daughter, he always thought that my mother had cheated on him and that this raped story was just a cover.

- Amadora what are you doing you're not awake yet ???? my mother said in a crying borderline voice.

- Yes, mom I'm up, stop stressing for nothing, when did you see me late tell me??

- As you want, but you know that I can not drive you and that your car is broke remember? so you will have for a big hour on the bike!!!

- Yes, I know! grr she annoys me when she stresses like that.


7:15 am dressed and ready to go, as it's my first day I only start at 9am so I have plenty of time to surrender. The path from the house to the police station was dotted with large mature trees, a stream and a mountain. I'm so glad I moved here 6 months ago I feel so good when I breathe this fresh morning air, when I listen to the songs of birds and watch the wild animals doing their quiet little business. However today I feel a stress, as if a part of me is telling me to be careful, that something important is going on around me and that I have to be prepared.

inconnu (pov)

I turned 18, 10 months ago now having become mature among wolves my father gave me the power of Alpha before going to live in a small retirement village dedicated to the former Alpha. This village known by them only for safety and to protect their knowledge. I haven't found my mate yet but for 6 months I've had a strange feeling as if this woman my other half was very close but this is impossible the closest pack is at 4h drive and between us, only normal human live there. At the moment my wolf kicks in he push me to have a look all around my pack but nothing. All young girl not mated turned around me but as an Alpha I'm not allowed to have sex or have a girlfriend until I find my real mate and marked her.

- Sacha, I'm bored I'll go for a run around our border, link me when the pups arrived for their aptitude test.

- No prob Alpha!

Sacha is my Beta even if he wasn't born from my dad's beta Joe, he was born to be my right hand I know him since I'm born, he's a tall brown hair man he is 5 yrs. old than me, he is like my old brother. He found is mate when Joe's daughter turns 18 yrs. old. Anya was the perfect mate for him haha she was really small for a Beta daughter, she have long blond hair look like a little barbie but in fact she's a real badass she is strong enough to be part of my warrior if she wanted too.

Amadora (pov)

As I was almost at the end of the forest, I heard a long howling, I felt like it was just beside me, all my body was shaking, weird fact I wasn't scared about it I couldn't say what exactly I felt but not fear. I stopped and look around trying to find what made that sound but nothing. I kept going anyway I was almost there.

At the moment I got inside the building, I was pleasantly surprised, no nastiness only people happy to welcome me among them. But it was all abruptly interrupted when one of the chief agents entered shouting out loud "We have an investigation" he looked at me and said to me agent Torgas this is your investigation prove to me that you are up to the expectations of this department. We may be a small village here in Ourem, but that doesn't mean the work will be easy!

- Yes sir! I answered looking at him right in the eyes

- Good than go now!

- On my way Sir!

It took me around 10 min to get to the crime scene, fast enough to realize that wasn't really a crime but only a neighbor fight between a young adult and an old man. The young man stopped talking at the very first second his eyes found mine. his eyes were black at first than turn gold while he was looking at me. He was a very nice tall man minimum 6 feet 4 with black hair with a military cut, I could easily see his muscles through his t-shirt, we could also tell that he had just run or something like that since he was soaked in sweat. For a brief moment I felt the same way I did inside the forest earlier but before I could say or ask, the young man was beside me.

- Sorry Madam officer, I found that old man son hunting on my land, All the forest at the north of Ourem belong to me and my family since many generations we don’t allow ANY ONE to pass except by the road.

- My son didn't know he was on your land he promises to never go back again if you can please show him mercy?! the Old man reply

- I will let the officer here to take the decision about your son but if I see him again on my land, I won't show mercy.

- So, I see that you can resolve the problem by yourself, I said, I will just need your names and you are both free to go.

- My name is Alexander Moon Officer! the young man answer

- Brian Senat Madam and my son's name is Gabriel Senat.

- Thank you both you are free to go!

As I let the 2 man go, I saw alexander staring at me. I even thought I heard mine. Not understanding too much I decided to return to the police station to finish my day.

Alexander (pov)

After 30 min running around my border my wolf got really excited, I stop right away.

- What's wrong man why are you jumping out of nowhere like that?

- Mate is here MATE is HERE I can smell her! howling loud

- Man, you can't howl like that calm down let me find out who make's you go crazy that much.

I tried to shut him out and took a long breath nothing, turned around once again nothing, I was about to give my wolf some shit when I saw her, she was right there half sitting on her bike, she had very long snow-white hair falling to her hips and beautiful emerald green eyes. the smell of peppermint emanating from her gave me an uncontrollable shiver. I had to restrain myself to not come out of my hiding place to take her in my arms and declare her mine on the spot. I had to let it go when I felt she was human. how could my mate be a human? I'm an Alpha only a strong shewolf can become my Luna.

While I was fighting with myself and trying to understand what happen she jumped back on her bike and left. At the moment I was turning around to chase her back I received a link from Sacha,

'' Alpha there is someone from Ourem hunting on our land we have to delay the aptitude test and take care of it now he is coming to close of the packhouse! ''

'' Ok on my way.''

When I saw that lady again my heart start spinning, I couldn't think straight at the moment my eyes got her eyes I was like hypnotise by her. I felt like I had to surrender and show mercy to the old man son to please her. How do I become a little pup especially for a human? When all that situation was over, I wanted to ask her name but the only thing who came out was '' MINE'' how can this be real a human as my Mate I needed answer maybe she's too young so she's a werewolf from another country and doesn't want to let it shows on from of normal human, that's probably it... No, it can be she's a cop so that means she's older than 18.... looking at her going back to work I linked Sacha,

‘’Man, I have to stay here a bit longer ''

‘’what happen? need help ''

‘’No thanks not yet anyway but we might need to do some research later ''

‘’ok you sure ''

‘’yes, it's about our Luna '’

‘’Seriously I will be here waiting than. ''

I went back where I first saw her and wait for her return.

Amadora (pov)

well, I tough I could have a better case to start but what can I expect from a small village. That man earlier I don't know why I can't get him out of my mind.

- Amadora, you still here? its past 5pm you're done since 1h now go home and have some rest tomorrow real work start and its at 7h30am

- Oh, sorry I didn't see the time pass,

I jumped back on my bike and rush home; my mom had a nice supper ready for us and didn't want to be late.

when I arrive where I heard the howling this morning, I stopped not knowing why its when a Huge black wolf jumped on the path ...


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