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Mate to a werewolf

Chapitre 3 The Elders

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ing to the regions only changing the deity responsible for history itself remains unchanged. As my mother is of Scandinavian origin (they even say that we descend directly from Viking) I opt for the choice of Odin as being the creator of the werewolves. Lycaon would have had, according to legend, 15 sons who are now responsible for the development of current blood lines. It is also said that the earliest lineage mated with simple humans producing newborns with an inner wolf, like a soul he could talk to when he grew up. All except Lycaon (as if to be doubly punished) had that so

k humans. They were called the Thorgard (guardians of Thor) they were an elite soldier who fought with Thor in the greatest battles of Asgard. Male and female Thorgard fought against the wolves until

much faster

t. I took a good hot shower and then put it cold to wake up properly. My breakfast was al

ur car but it's impossible, total loss. So, I decided to buy you a truck w

!!! can I

the seller to deliver it in 15min

an't wait

impossible speed when I h

? you know I have these

do you think

ou, I'm going to try it now, I'm going to tr

come my hear


, stop it goes back to the pack you have a job to do. the young pups are waiting for their assignment, damn, I haven't even finished. '' Sacha I'm going to need you for the assignments, I was distracted for a while with Amad

an you tell me what happens? you seem confused, I saw you go off in a fury

bout what happened, did you

ark her. Otherwise, your wolf wouldn't see his mate in her. As she should approach her maturity the wolf hormones are rising to the surface which makes your wolf smel

is father, he is a werewolf and he mated a human, god only knows why, she is still alive despite having carried a baby wolf. We need to understand why and also find

l the youngster their

is 18 and her wolf reveals itself. So, I could mark her and make her my Luna I can't even make her my girlfriend because of these stupid laws. All I can do is be close to her and who knows maybe I can help her with her investigations, yes that's a g


repare several choices for the lunch for 2 people. '' I want

your research while waiting for Sacha, I want our mate as soon as she is ready! you will have to present h

hat if the moon goddess has brought us to

hat your grandfather and even worse. If we present it to th

ill do everything to make

nd and see that Sacha is already sitt

ong have you been h

no ancient lineage Alpha has been here for 200 years, according to my research he came to meet the first Alpha of our p

exactly when the events happened so we can know if we are a

ill alive after having carried a werewolf remains a very big m

uld judge myself to

big massacre in the villages of Europe. The first wolf allegedly assaulted sev

e migrated to the United States, some to

them to the omega in our time. When Thor heard about the attacks, he sent warriors to earth named the Thorgard (Guardian of Thor) it would be them who would bring peace and institute the laws prohibiting reproduction with

rgard I confess that the resemblance is striking. I

ger and then I will go to the office to prepa

, I'll see you ag


nt. Here it does not matter that I passed all the exams with excellent marks, for them I remain a 17-year-old child. No police lieutenant can get the job before the minimum age of 18, of course this is a

he entrance of the police station. He had

r, what h

e entered my house and drag her upstairs, come and they have to be taken out I don't know my wife's conditi


ern forest of Ourem it too

sir! I'm g

e in front of me was horrified, A woman was lying on the bed, there was blood all over the sheets, her stomach was split from hip to hip, she had bite marks all over her body. Her throat was ripped out suggesting that she was attacked by one or more animals. Seeing that she was deceased,

s how to talk to people in this kind of situation but when we have to tell someone t

wife is deceased we will find

ground, and my son she is 6 months pregnant! he g

nimals left him. The best scientific team is on the way as well as our best workforce. We will do everything to find them but for that you cannot e

According to wildlife officials, it must have been a hungry nomadic wolf pack as no normal wolf would have been so close to humans otherw

e had simply been removed, the opening on his belly was made by a knife surgical so impossible that it was a wolf who did this. However, her neck was torn off by an animal, after analysis the coroner conclud

for you at the reception. Sai

eep me posted on anything else yo


xander with a large basket full of food, I

ph ... Mr. Moon, we were sup

we were but I thought you might

ck if you know what I mean. Let's say that I would be more in the mood to go and discuss a few points with yo

l on you? !! it's the same as on your mother the same specific smell of a very ancient bloodline Alpha. I think we won't need to go to the fountain we shou



is the last living descendant of a line that we believe to be extinct, the Thorgards. Yes, I know that several among you if not all, you say impossible to be the daughter of Lycaon himself that I am wrong with one of his descendants. Well, no, it's HIM. several documents brought by our last Alpha arrived in the village tells us that when the peace treaty was signed Lyc

al. If she is not marked by her 18th birthday Lycaon will make her his Luna and together they will destroy every werewolf pack that exists, keeping only a fe

ill stay here. You will have in your old packs, to give the important information to the new Alpha in place to make a quick tour of all the young women of 17 years to see if one of them will be 18 years old in precisely 4 months. If you find one check if it is 100% human or if part

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