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Mate to a werewolf

Chapitre 2 werewolf exist

Nombre de mots : 4135    |    Mis à jour : 27/01/2021


I saw his gold-colored eyes change to dark black. He started circling around me as if to analyze my weakness, the best place to attack me. I could hear him growl and bark, I don't know why but I had the odd

n easily see that his eyes were a beautiful gold again. Suddenly it came back to me the handsome young man this morning, his eyes ha

at what I had just said. I took advant

been late in all my life, will you spare my life? The wolf turned around and disappeared as qui



to let her know that I'm a werewolf too so she can trust me and s

g stronger and stronger. I'm going to try to get his wo

to show myself. I jumped on fr

elf I'm alpha Alexander of Cryst

s, right? I started circling around her trying to figure out if she really didn't understand us or simply r

I started to feel so sad my mate shouldn't be in submission she is my equal how to make her forgive me even my wolf let

xander this morning" she s

es something in us, she compares us to me this morning but what exactly is she talk

I'm late she'll be worried, I've never been late in all my

she understands me I took off as fa

our mark on her ?! sorry man but we can't I can't smell the wolf in her, also she's not 18 if you paid attention when we turned around her, I could smell that she's not a mature

am room and bring the pups

you bringing our

s, its not the right time to talk abou


eady for their aptitudes test. They

working in the packhouse as a cook, housekeeping, gardener or if you demonstrate real talents as a soldier you have the unique chance today

ck to go to another when you mature or 2 redouble your effort and retake the test for only one and single time. be aware that if

y and we hold on to the title. Unlike the others here a wolf born Omega can become Gamma and a Gamma to become a Beta, just like your Beta Sacha here born omega has strength of courage and determination he is


ou all deserve it. After I want you to return home tonight at 9pm wil

kind of leader. I thought I could change the rules at the moment my dad was gone but once again another pack rule, I can change rules only when I find my Luna and if she decides to change it too. Another rule that I want to change. The first Alpha in our pack was born a twin of a supposed Alpha couple from one of the biggest packs in America Blue Crystal Moon. Being the 2nd born he was relayed as a beta.

said while he was coming inside my office. Sacha knew that when we were alone,

can Sacha we

our Luna why if you find her, she's not here with you right no

nswer you if you don't

so excited, he says with

when I speak in my wolf form, also if she is my mate, even without being marked my wolf should be able to communicate with hers. but couldn't either. My wolf is sure without a doubt she

heck in my old legendary books, and in the old archives. My stepfather Beta Joe has collected a lot of old books over time and you have known him for almost 1 year when I took over, he travels through

d a place for all the pups I don’

do it you're a go


am not early either my mother is waiti

es at work so I didn't see the time passed. I kept the wolf epis

call me next time if you think

problem, I love

table little hungry girl. I cooked steaks with ve

e could end, I rush i

urs to come back so she won't be worried if I go a little further than usual. As I sank deeper into the forest, I became thoughtful, I thought of the wolf earlier, how his eyes that had changed color like the young man Alexander this morning how that is even possible. It was a good

eyes so as not to see what was going to happen to me. After what felt like 1 hour a huge howling made me shiver. When I decided to open my eyes again, I saw the same black wolf that I had seen on th

ou. I did not have time to prepare my pack for your visit especi

he black wolf he left in th

front of you swee

t werewolf doesn't exi

g here is the proof! as he pronounces is last word, he

These were the last words I cou


as I could to her howling loud so the patrol knows I was coming fast. ''Let her to me Gamma's don't tell anyone about what just happen or you will be punish'' ''yes Alpha'' they say all at the same time. As they were leaving, I turned to this beautiful young woman her hair was braided and dropped over her shoulder. I had to show her who

here is the proof! He changed his wolf form. it took no

ccept us after what has just done. Sorry but Mate thinks I'm not real made me mad, I shouldn't have d

mate was not far, she was only 30min at wolf speed. Holding her like that in my arms it took all my courage not to put my wolf scent on her, as I can't mark her at least the other wolves around would know th

o wake up, I put h

ficer, I didn't mean

strangely it's okay now. ahah I understand why the eyes of this beautiful black wolf change color like you this morning, normal you

part of me that has the upper hand over the other, when the wolf is in control m

's your wolf part that w

understand why you are not able to understand h

hire her, they think she's nuts because she says she was sexually assaulted by a man disguised as a wolf, he allegedly bit her several times before coming into her. oh, but wait, she

either, it is forbidden because once in ten it creates werewolves without interior wolf to control their wild instinct and t

am the result of this rape. she

this is very important; I could find out if a werewolf or a weirdo is the cau

my bare chest. Give me 10min I will go inside gra

ill come b

worry I alway

sharp burn, as if a part of me was


was missing. I took a moment to look behind me to see if I had forgotten anything but nothing, when my eye

see me come in, I decided to go through the back door, in less

t the other in a hiding place not too far away so if it happens again that you need o

hah glad to see that you would

e flush with

rrassed, it's ra

puts on the one he has chosen as if the fact of having been in his arms and th

Miss Amado

inch. I was so much shorter than him, I had an urge to touch him gently to feel his abs, bu

ll have another opportunity to do what h

on top of the first one ... how do I

e whispering something to me but I could not understand, in a

myself, it's bet

this morning, the land around us belongs to him.

my name is Anadi

hter helped me today in a small conflict with a

alking for 6 months on your land so I

d belongs to her with my approval, all my family will know

you someth

me since she no longer knew where she was. I

'm going inside and you should do

I'll be b

e, I turned to Alexander

ure you that. but I smelled a wolf's odor of a purity that I could qualify as perfect it is necessarily an Alpha and a very old line. A

but when can I

and join me near the stream

s I turn to enter the house,

mething right now that is prohibited by our

done that a few minutes before

ssed my forehead made me want

u kiss me ba

o return your kiss to you

you are making my departure and how difficult yo

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