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Mate to a werewolf

Mate to a werewolf

Auteur: Amadora

Chapitre 1 First Investigation

Nombre de mots : 1776    |    Mis à jour : 27/01/2021


eone finishes high school in just 1 year, let alone all the police and investigative training in 4 years. I'm barely 17 and I'm going to have to prove to a lot older and more experien

ied the kinds of dyes nothing worked even doctor and dermatologist do not know what to think about it so I learned to live with my head even if I tell you that my mother is annoyed. Due to my physique, I trained, I studied and above all I did a lot of r

re not awake yet ???? my mother s

essing for nothing, when di

ive you and that your car is broke remember?

he annoys me when sh


rees, a stream and a mountain. I'm so glad I moved here 6 months ago I feel so good when I breathe this fresh morning air, when I listen to the songs of birds and watch the wild animals doi


ect their knowledge. I haven't found my mate yet but for 6 months I've had a strange feeling as if this woman my other half was very close but this is impossible the closest pack is at 4h drive and between us, only normal human live there

around our border, link me when the


old than me, he is like my old brother. He found is mate when Joe's daughter turns 18 yrs. old. Anya was the perfect mate for him haha she was really small for a


body was shaking, weird fact I wasn't scared about it I couldn't say what exactly I felt but not fear. I sto

upted when one of the chief agents entered shouting out loud "We have an investigation" he looked at me and said to me agent Torgas this is your investigati

red looking at him


my wa

s eyes found mine. his eyes were black at first than turn gold while he was looking at me. He was a very nice tall man minimum 6 feet 4 with black hair with a military cut, I could easily see his muscles through his t-shirt

All the forest at the north of Ourem belong to me and my family sinc

e promises to never go back again if you c

e decision about your son but if I see h

blem by yourself, I said, I will just ne

der Moon Officer! t

m and my son's nam

both you are

even thought I heard mine. Not understanding too much I


my border my wolf got really

y are you jumping out

is HERE I can smel

t calm down let me find out wh

ry long snow-white hair falling to her hips and beautiful emerald green eyes. the smell of peppermint emanating from her gave me an uncontrollable shiver. I had to restrain myself to not come out of m

happen she jumped back on her bike and left. At the moment I wa

land we have to delay the aptitude test and take car

on my

become a little pup especially for a human? When all that situation was over, I wanted to ask her name but the only thing who came out was '' MINE'' how can this be real a human as my Mate I needed answer maybe she's too young so

to stay here a

ppen? nee

ay but we might need to

you s

's about

will be here w

first saw her and


what can I expect from a small village. That man ear

re done since 1h now go home and have some r

didn't see t

ome; my mom had a nice supper ready

s morning, I stopped not knowing why its wh

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