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Gravity Is A Bitch

Gravity Is A Bitch



"Alex ..." I almost did not recognize my own voice which had increased by a few octaves becoming hoarse and sensual. "Shhhh" she sighs. "Please Elianna don't move. Just let me savor this little moment, you don't have to do anything, you don't even have to talk. Just stay still, please" she begs me with a whisper, her voice as hoarse as mine, if not more. I sigh with contentment and allow my body and soul to benefit from this little exchange of body heat. I felt her lips rest gently on my cheek then in the hollow of my neck where she noisily Inhales my scent. One of her hands was placed on my waist while the other was drawing small invisible circles on my thigh. "What have you done to me Elianna? Why do I find you so irresistible?" "Stop talking shit, I should be the one asking you this question" I turn to her, now angry with myself, against letting a 17 year old girl hold me in her arms and touch me in a way only my husband should be allowed to. All the anger disappears when I look into her pretty eyes, which are a little darker shade than usual.

Chapitre 1 1. Welcome

Hello everybody, here is a new story about two girls (yeah a lesbian story) so if you're by any mean inconfortable by topics like that, you may shut this story or read it at your convenience.

A love story about Alex and Elianna.

So you know, English isn't my first language nor my second. I am gonna make some big ass mistakes and please do not hesitate to tell me 'cause one of the main reason I am writting this story is for me to improve my language skill.

The story was originally written in french with my other account. And at the begining it's a little slow.

So here we go.


Chapter 1: Welcome.

Alex's POV :

I was sitting across from Asha who was wearing her orange uniform, I didn't even know what to say. My hands laced and placed on my knees, I couldn't help feeling guilty.

"Seriously ?"

"Hmm ?"

"Are you going to stay here and avoid looking me in the eyes, for the next twenty minutes ?"

"I am not avoiding your eyes"

"Yes, you are. How are you ?"

"Okay, I am okay and you ?"

"I have known worse"

"I doubt so. Look, I really don't understand why you doing this. I ..."

"Stop ok. I did what I had to do. Final"

"No you didn't have to do this, you didn't have to do anything Asha. It wasn't me I promise"

"I know, I know you better than anyone, I know you did nothing, but do you really believe that the police officers who put the handcuffs on you would have believed you eh? No, so forget it and move on, that's how it is. I don't want you to feel guilty, you know what I want ?" I shake my head to say no. "I want you to be focused in your studies, I want you to make new friends wherever you go, I want you to go out, party. If I am doing all of this, it is so you have a chance to live the life you deserve"

"But I wouldn't want any of this knowing you're sleeping in this hellhole because of me" She gave me a blow on the head. "Aww, what was that for ?"

"You're not allowed to feel guilty, I'm here and there is nothing you can do about it so why waste two lives. You better work hard in your new school"

"A new school?" I ask with a grimace.

"What, did you think you were going to stay at home for the six months of my incarceration?"

"Shut up, I have the right to dream"

"Yes keep dreaming. And, on the bright side, you are going to live in Manhattan, you will go to a private school and you may even have some educated rich friends who do not hide drugs in their friends' jackets"

"fuck the rich"


"Then why would this guy want to help us. I don't even understand why you contacted him ?"

"Maybe you wanted to get back into the system ?"

"No but I'm almost 18 I could have stayed at home for the next two months"

"Look, I didn't want to take any risk and it's an old friend of your father"

"My father, what are you talking about ?"

"That's what he told me"

"You don't even know if he's telling the truth. He may sell me to some Chinese dude or worse to a prostitution businessman"

"Ah yes, when I think about it, maybe that is why he is so rich" She answers me with a funny smile on her lips.

"It's not funny"

"Yes. Alexis, I did some research about him, you think I would have left you to a stranger like that. He's one of the most powerful men in this state. He has a grandson of 32 years old who lives with his fiancée, also from a bourgeois family and you'll be staying with those two since Mr. King is traveling and it is much closer to your new school"

"Awesome" note the sarcasm.

"Oh don't be stupid you are going to have your own room which will surely be bigger than our whole studio"

"But I don't want to live in a big house if it's not with you as legal guardian" She sighs and gets up to take me in her arms. The guard announces the end of the visits. "Behave ok ?"

"You too, please do not do anything stupid so you could go out sooner"

"Deal. Go"

I left the prison with my heart in my stomach and the driver of this supposed perfect family was waiting at the door. "You have finished Miss ?"

"Yes we can go" I opened the door but remembered what he called me.

"No. Wait "he turned to me. "Next time you call me Miss. I will break your two toes with my right foot "He looked at me in terror and I realized that he really believed that I was capable of doing that, Well, I am, but not for that. After all, he just waited for me for around twenty minutes in front of a penitentiary.

"I'm kidding. Ah, you rich people, you have no sense of humour" He smiles and starts the car. And here we go for a life in upper-east side. Welcome in my shitty life.


Elianna POV :

Today is the day the new girl comes live with us. I really don't understand why Arthur wants her to come live with us, not that it bothers me. Anyway, she will be very often alone since Ryan and I are both on business trips all the time. I wrap myself in a towel and get out of the bathroom.

"Hi Princess"

"Hi Ryan" It was only 7am but he was ready to go to work.

"Can you help me with my tie please?"

"Sure. Let me do it"

"Elianna ?"


"I would like for us to have dinner together tonight in a five star restaurant"

"And on what occasion? Did you get a big contract ?"

"No. I just miss you a lot, we have have jobs that take up a lot of our time but ..." He wraps his arms around me when I finish tying his tie. "I love you, very much. You know that, huh?"

"I know and I love you too Ryan" At first with Ryan it was just an arranged marriage for me, but over time I learned that he was really in love with me, I accepted it and after one year living together, I learned to love him too.

"So, what do you say about this fancy dinner just a few blocks from here ?"

"With pleasure"

"Good" He smiles " I have to go, some of us have to drive 45 minutes to get to work" Yes, our apartment is much closer to my office than Finn's. It only takes me only 20 minutes to be there. I know he chose this condominium precisely for that, so I don't have to do an hour in the always New York busy traffic, a real gentleman.

"Ryan, but the girl is supposed to be here today, right ?"

"Oh, I totally forgot about this little problem"

"We're talking about a person Ryan not a problem"

"But how can you say that? My grandfather forces us to take a stranger in our house. Why can you not be upset about it ?"

"Because she badly need a place to stay, obviously"

"She comes from one of dangerous side of the town Baby, who knows she may be a thief or a drug dealer"

"How can you talk like that about a person you don't even know ? A 17 year old girl who is forced to live with two complete strangers, do you think she really wanted to leave everything she knows for that? Why are you mean to this girl without even having met her ?"

"You're right. I'm sorry, it's just that it makes me uncomfortable that a girl about whom I know nothing lives with us" He kisses me on the cheek "Excuse me honey" I sighed before answering.

"It's okay. Go or you're going to be late for work and your assistant will blame me for making you late, again"

"Have a good day"

"Have a good day"


"Elianna, your 11am meeting has arrived"

"Thank you Lily, let him in" Lily was my father's assistant for over six years and when he retired, my father wanted her to remain my assistant as well, because she is talented and knowledgeable about our business. She is the daughter of a friend of my dad. She is only 4 years older than me.

"Hello Mrs. Brighton"

"Ramirez, how are you ?"


"Good, take a seat"

"Thank you. So regarding the new project, here is the list of companies with which we will be doing business" And that's how my afternoon went, meetings, meetings, files to study and sign, video conferences and more meetings. Just the routine.

"Elianna, you have a call from your driver" I heard Lily's voice over the intercom. "Ok. I'm taking"

"Good evening John"

"Good evening ma'am. I'm calling to tell you that the Miss Lane is already at your apartment"

"Oh yes. Thank you. And can you please ask Jenna to prepare something for her to eat?"

"Of course ma'am. Shall I pick you up now so you can get ready for your date with Mr Brighton ? This morning he told me to remind you in case you forget"

"No we have already cancelled the date. But yes you can pick me up now, I will go to lunch then you will take me home ok ?"

"Ok. I'm coming right away"

I called Ryan this afternoon to cancel the dinner, he was not very happy but we could not leave this poor girl all alone the same day that she comes to live with us.


When I got home, Ryan was already there watching a basketball game on TV, I begged him to come early today to welcome Alexndria.

"Good evening"

"Hello princess" I kiss him on the lips.

"Where is she?"

"In the guest room" He answers without taking his eyes off the screen.

"And you didn't even invite her out to chat, watch TV, so she could feel welcome?"

"No" I roll my eyes slightly annoyed. "What, why would I do that?"

"Forget it" I put my purse and my satchel on the coffee table and go to see Alexis.

Once in her room, I see her lying on the bed, her arms crossed behind her head and she was wearing headphones. She had her eyes closed, so I can't help looking at her. Her hair was brown, she has long eyelashes and pouty lips, a straight nose.

Suddenly big electric violet eyes looked at me with curiosity and surprise, I jumped a little because I thought she was asleep. We stayed there, looking at each other without saying anything.

For my part I was just mesmerized by her violet eyes, she really has beautiful eyes.

"Hmm ... what are you listening to?" She raises her eyebrows, a small smile on her lips. Bravo Elianna, great.

Without saying a word she gets up and walks towards me, eyes still locked with mine. She was still moving forward which made me nervous, she stopped at a distance far enough so that our bodies did not touch each other but close enough so that I could feel her breath on my forehead. She is taller than me by at least a good five inches, I had to tilt a little my head upward for our eyes to still be locked and at close range her eyes are even more beautiful. She puts her Big headphones on my head.

"No more heroes, Westlife" I say with a smile. She nods. "Very good taste. Although a bit outdated for someone your age" She tilts her head a little aside and frowns.

"What are you talking about ?"

"I mean, what are you 16 years old ? Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Dj Baldwin Billie Eilish"

"Hey even old people like you listen to those singers and then I was already 7 years old when this song was released" I also raise my eyebrows. She takes a few steps back to sit on her bed.

"By the way I came to tell you to join us in the living room while waiting for dinner to be ready"

"Ok, I'll be there in a few" I go out of her room to change my work clothes to casual clothes.

Ryan was still watching TV while Jenna was cooking dinner. Alex left her room at the same time as me. She sat on the other sofa to the right of Ryan and I. She was watching TV and looked interested in the game.

"How was your day ?" Ryan begins the conversation.

"Good and you"

"Not bad either" He wraps his arm around my shoulders.

"Dinner is served Mrs Brighton" Jenna warns me.

"Oh, thank you Jenna. Let's have dinner thème ?" I speak to AAlexndria who nods.

Everyone was quietly eating their meal, a dead silence around the table.

"Oh Elianna I almost forgot. I'm leaving for Washington tomorrow"

"Ah, For how long?"

"I really don't know, one of our collaborators is not doing his job, I have to go to the field to see who and why the site is still not finished. Maybe three days but a week at most"

"Ok, good luck then" Alexndria pours herself a glass of water and was more focused on her meal than our discussion. "So Alex, how old are you ?"She doesn't answer.

"Alexandria ?" She jumps a little which makes me smile.

"Hmm ?"

"I asked about your age ?"

"I'm almost 18"

"So you're 17 years old. What's your last name ?"

"Are you hosting someone at your house without knowing their last name?"

"I guess Albert knows you enough and I trust him"

"Hmm. My name is Alexandria Lane but everyone calls me Alex"

I'm testing her name on my tongue to see.

"Where are your parents ?" Trust Ryan to asks without any delicacy. I kicked hum under thé table.

"I never knew my mother, she died in childbirth and my father also died in Iraq when I was 8 years old"

"Oh. I'm really sorry"

"Sorry I didn't mean to be a jerk, I just wanted to ..."

"No it's ok Mr. Brighton and then I already overcome all of this, that is life, Right ?"


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